The Honey Dipper

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The simplicity of this time tested design belies its efficacy. If only we could sell these to bears! Have you ever thought what it must feel like to be a bear right after raiding a nest of bees for the honey? Up a tree with your hair all covered in sticky honey, bee stings, and a few remaining defiant bees. Well with our snazzy little Honey Dipper you can have your honey and eat it without climbing trees and no mess! The Honey Dipper is 6-1/2" long. Long enough to keep you comfortably away from the sticky end. Made from trusty New England Hardwoods.

Product Specifics

  • Available Style(s):
    Yellow Birch
  • Available Size(s):
    6-1/2" long
  • Made in Vermont by Vermont Craftspeople
  • Tough, hand rubbed proprietary finish
  • Hand wash and dry thoroughly
  • Never soak or wash in dishwasher

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