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Privacy Policy

Your Credit Card  

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

For your protection, we utilize a "secure server" (computer) for our credit card transactions and all your personal information is encrypted prior to being transmitted over the Internet.

With respect to telephone orders or any other order where the customer provides us directly with their credit card number we only retain the credit card number for the period of time necessary to complete their order after which such notation of the credit card number is physically destroyed.

In the event of a later return or adjustment we will require to receive your credit card number again.

On our website, as with most, security precautions are used during checkout, when confidential information is being submitted. The precautions slow down site functions so they are only use where needed. Curious if you're in a secure part of our site? Look at the http://... in your browser address bar at the top of your screen - it will change to https://...- the "s" means that the webpage is secure.

When you are checking out you will notice the https://... and also a small padlock in the lower right corner of your browser. This little lock is another indication that the webpage is secure.

Email Privacy. Your email address is never shared or sold to anyone.