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Personalization Laser Engraving

We now have the flexibility to apply Personalization Laser Engraving to a wide range of our existing products. The process is simple.

If you would like personalization done while you’re in the area, stop on by to talk to us about it! Please note, we cannot offer this service while you wait, but are more than happy to have you pick it up at a later date, or you can have it shipped. Thank you in advance for your patience!

If you’d like to add personalization online, please follow the directions below:

STEP 1: If an item is able to be personalized, you will be able to add that option on the product page 

STEP 2: Once you click "Add Engraving" you'll be able to tell us what you'd like engraved, where, and in which font

[If you would like a photo, or logo engraved, let us know in the "Additional Instructions" box, and we'll contact you after we receive your order. Please note, additional charges will apply.]  

STEP 3: That's it! If we need any further information, we'll be contacting you soon to work out the exact details of your personalization project. Please make sure to include your phone number and/or email when you order so we can easily contact you. 

**Though the price is a flat fee, if your project is very extensive (such as a personal logo, photos, etc.) then additional charges may apply.

** Please note, the only location a large bowl can be engraved is on the outside bottom of the bowl. Most small and medium bowls can be engraved on the side of the bowl, though because of the hand finished nature of the bowls, this may not be possible on all small and mediums. We'll reach out if we are not able to engrave the side of a bowl you chose.


If you have questions, a telephone call to (802) 464-5296, or email to will get you prompt personal assistance. Your imagination coupled to our expertise can produce great gifts and event recollection items. We look forward to working with you. The following photos are included to demonstrate what we can do.

Personalized bridal wooden cutting boards

The photo above shows you an example of one of our most popular laser engraved wedding gifts, our Bridal Boards, engraved for the Anderson Family wedding. It was a wonderful creation! Not only did the happy couple get three sizes of wooden cutting boards that they'll use for years to come, but they will also be reminded of their happy ceremony. The couple will likely use the reverse side of these boards most of the time for general use, and put the engraved side up during special dinner occasions.

Personalized Bread and Oil Server

Here you see what we can do with our Bread and Oil Server boards. These items are quite popular during the holiday gift-giving season, and now that we can personalize them it makes for an extra special gift. We can only imagine how the recipients react when receiving one of these boards with their name or logo. All that's needed is the dipping bread and favorite dipping oil.

Personalized wooden plate

Our wooden plates are a wonderful example of how you can take seeming ordinary tableware (of course our tableware is always exceptional without engraving) and make it, eye-popping! Wooden plates also make wonderful laser engraved wedding gifts as well. This photo also demonstrates how we can apply your own custom company logo or family symbol.

Personalized wooden salad bowl

As you can see from this concave wooden bowl, we can add personalization to even the more difficult surfaces. So rest assured, laser engraving doesn't need not only be applied to flat cutting board surfaces. Most of our wooden bowls can be personalized and are an excellent choice for heirloom laser engraved wedding gifts, an anniversary gift, or corporate gift.