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Kitchen Prep Tools

End Grain Chopping BoardScottish Spurtle soup stirrerCrack and Peel garlic peeler

There are certainly some essential wooden kitchen tools that every cook needs. Measuring spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowls, a quality Chef's knife and paring knife, vegetable peeler, colander, micro grater, and can opener are the obvious items that come to mind, but there's also a few kitchen prep tools that may not be as obvious, yet clearly make everyday kitchen tasks easier. We offer those items!

Both new and experienced cooks can benefit from a set of quality wooden cutting boards or Chef's End Grain Chopping Board, but we certainly don't stop there. In our Kitchen Essentials category you'll find several kitchen prep tools that are most haves! Some of those quintessential wooden kitchen tools are below.

In the video below John McLeod will demonstrate the correct way to use an Oven Puller. This simple kitchen tool is not to be taken lightly because a hot oven rack is never forgiving! We've all done it... used a kitchen towel to pull out the oven rack when an oven mitt wasn't handy. OUCH! An Oven Puller is always on our stove top as a reminder, ready to ensure our safety while we excitedly remove our culinary creation from the hot oven.