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Wooden Carving Boards

The Roast Board, wooden carving boardAngus Board, wooden carving boardRound chopping and carving block

Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years Day. Mother's Day. Father's Day. Labor Day. Birthdays. Anniversaries. These are all holidays and special events when wooden carving boards take center stage in the kitchen, and at the dinner table. Unlike everyday wooden cutting boards and kitchen prep boards, carving boards serve several unique and important functions - a sturdy carving that holds the meat in place while you carve, a surface that drains juices away from the cutting surface, and a surface that is elegant. After all, these are important occasions.

Sunburst Carving Board

The design of an End Grain Board, such as our Mountain Mill Board, has its' own features that are equally as useful. Of course they are very stylish, but End Grain Boards are also easy on the Chef's knife. Easy on the Chef's knife? What does that mean? Let us explain... When you chop on an End Grain Board the grain of the wood actually separates and then closes when the knife strikes the board and is removed, thereby creating a self-healing surface. You will find that your knife blade lasts much longer.

In this video John McLeod himself explains the differences and versatility of of several wooden carving boards and End Grain Boards. After the video you will certainly be left saying to yourself, "Ah! Now I know what boards I need for the carving and chopping tasks I most frequently experience."