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Maple Cocktail Mixers & Syrups by Runamok®

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Get ready to mix up some maple-flavored creations! Runamok® Maple Cocktail Mixers & Syrups will have you dishing out crafty cocktails like a Vermonter. Real herbs and spices, plus a splash of top-notch Runamok® maple syrup will take your drinks to the next level. Cheers!

Product Specifics

  • 250 mL Bottles
  • From Runamok®:
  • Maple Ginger Mule - "Crisp and refreshing with a fiery kick of fresh ginger, this cocktail mixer sets a new standard for the Mule. We use organic maple syrup for the base which makes for a mellow background note that is not too sweet but has more flavor than refined sugar. Real ginger and lime give it zestiness and a cleaner taste than other mixers which use artificial flavors.  Just add vodka and seltzer and you have the perfect thirst quencher on a summer evening."
  • Maple Old Fashioned - "Maple and whiskey were made for each other so it makes sense that the very best Old Fashioned would be made with a maple-based mixer. We use only organic maple syrup and real herbs and spices, without any refined sugar.   Not too sweet with a small bite from our very own bitters, everything needed for the perfect cocktail is included in the mixer – just add bourbon. The richness and depth of flavor from the maple has created a new standard for Old Fashioned cocktails."
  • Sparkle Tonic (Limited Release)- "We’ve taken our classic Maple Tonic – which uses all natural ingredients to achieve tonic’s classic citrus and quinine bite – and combined it with our signature sparkles to elevate your favorite tonic drinks. One part mixer and two parts alcohol combined with seltzer water makes for one fun and delicious cocktail."
  • Maple Grenadine - "We are thrilled to introduce our newest Cocktail Mixer: Maple Grenadine. Sweet, tart and deliciously refreshing, this all-natural grenadine harkens back to the original grenadine recipe before things like Red 40, Blue 1, and High Fructose Corn Syrup took over nutrition fact panels.

    Delicious in cocktails, mocktails, seltzers, spritzers and slushies… you’re probably going to want to order more than one."

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