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Tree Mugs by Stone Ridge Pottery

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 "Samantha Loehmann is a lifelong Vermonter (besides her 20’s, which she spent in California ;) & the sole artist behind Stone Ridge Pottery. Samantha describes herself as someone who is interested in everything! She went to school for many things and tried her hand at a variety of jobs before finding her true passion in pottery. A mom of twins, one who has special needs that made working a “regular job” next to impossible. With pottery she is able to work around her children’s schedule and needs while also having a career she loves. She has a home studio but really enjoys the friendships made at her local community studio, where she also teaches, so that is where much of her work is completed."


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Product Specifics

  • Made in Vermont by Stoneridge Pottery
  • Approximately 3" top diameter x 4” tall
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Please note, because of the handmade nature of these products, the size and color may vary slightly from photos shown

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