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Trencher Board for Shucking Blue Crabs

Posted by Vermont Bowl Admin on

Rectangular Trencher Board with blue crab claws

If you've ever shucked blue crabs, lobsters, or crayfish then you know what a messy job it can be. Well, the Trencher Board solves that problem. That's what we discovered when one of our online store customers from Key West, Florida explained how to shuck a crab using our Trencher Board to capture the liquids, as apposed to using an entire roll of paper towels.

"We like to be as green as possible in our household, and using a half a roll of paper towels every time we shuck crabs, mangos, pineapples, papayas, or coconuts just seemed too wasteful. Then we came across your Trencher Board and Voila!, we found our solution."

But you don't have to live near the ocean to take advantage of this unique wooden cutting board design, because it functions equally as well when slicing tomatoes and other vegetables whereby you might want to push all the cuttings to the back, nicely out of your way. In fact, a particularly useful application is when harvesting pumpkins, either for your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern or after roasting just before pureeing for your pumpkin pie. After all, that pumpkin seed stuff just seems to find its way everywhere!