Salad Hands

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As an alternative to our traditional long wooden salad servers we have found wooden salad hands to be very popular. There seems to be a certain basic satisfaction involved in mixing the salad with what in fact are extensions of your own hands. We see people pick them up in the store and immediately start the motions of tossing a salad. Product imagination at its best! These Salad Hands, are as functional as they are elegant with their sweeping lines. Salad Hands are also always a welcome addition along with your gift of a bowl.

Please Note: Most of our products are available in several wood species, most notably Black Walnut, Yellow Birch, and Cherry. For more info. about which wood is which, visit our complete Information Page.

Product Specifics

  • Available Wood Type(s):
    Cherry, Black Walnut, Yellow Birch, Bird's Eye Maple or Zebrawood
  • Available Size(s):
    7" Long x 4" Wide
  • Made in Vermont by Vermont Craftspeople
  • Tough, hand rubbed proprietary finish
  • Hand wash and dry thoroughly
  • Never soak or wash in dishwasher
  • A John McLeod Design

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