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Bird's Eye Maple Gradient Board

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This beautiful gradient cutting board is a vibrant mix of cherry (or black walnut) and bird's eye maple strips, creating an ascending (or descending!) design that's one-of-a-kind. Crafted in Vermont, it comes ready to use as a cutting board, serving board, or charcuterie platter. Enjoy its unique design and quality craftsmanship for years to come!

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Product Specifics

  • Available Style(s):
    Cherry and Bird's Eye Maple Strips
  • Black Walnut and Bird's Eye Maple Strips
  • Available Size(s):
    14.5" Long x 11" Wide x 3/4" thick
  • Made in Vermont by Vermont Craftspeople
  • Tough, hand rubbed proprietary finish
  • Hand wash and dry thoroughly
  • Never soak or wash in dishwasher
  • A John McLeod Design

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