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Infused & Raw Honeys by Runamok®

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Embrace the sweetness of nature with Runamok®'s new offering of honeys. Dedicated to bringing you the purest and most delicious honey, Runamok® has partnered with Todd Hardie, one of the nation's most respected beekeepers, to offer unique infusions and raw flavors. Perfect for adding a special twist to desserts, teas, and more. Buzzworthy perfection in a jar.

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Product Specifics

  • 9 oz jars
  • Certified kosher
  • From Runamok®:
  • Beekeeper's Cut - "Our signature raw honey, Beekeeper’s Cut is sweet and floral with a bright finish. The autumn wildflower meadow is replete with asters, rudbeckia, and goldenrod which all contribute to the character of this signature honey."
  • Florida Orange - "Florida Orange Blossom Honey comes from hives that have been situated in Florida citrus groves. You can taste and smell the perfume of orange blossoms on this mild and tropical honey, which makes it an excellent choice for teas, pastries, pancakes and more. Read below for more information on this superb, raw Florida honey."
  • Lemon Verbena - "Bright and citrusy, this honey pulls off the taste trick of being quite lemony without any acidity. Along with the lemon it imparts herbal notes which lends itself to tea, goat and soft cheeses, and pastry."
  • Chipotle Moria Infused - "With a nice kick and a hint of smoke, the Chipotle Morita infused honey will not disappoint those seeking sweet heat. The fiery pepper and honey blend beautifully in this sweet/savory combination. There are many uses for this honey but one stands out as a must: drizzled on fried chicken."
  • Vermont Saffron Infused - "Our new Vermont Saffron Infused Honey combines the richness of late summer wildflower honey with the sultriness of middle eastern spice. Whole strands of saffron are added into each jar to let all of its complexity bloom. The saffron is Vermont-grown by Calabash Gardens. The spice not only adds an earthy, floral note but enhances the qualities of the honey itself."

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