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Wooden Tableware

Wooden platesWooden Lazy Susan TurntablesSquare Wooden Plates

After all the prep work, baking or cooking, and carving is done, it's time to sit down with friends and family and enjoy a great meal. That's why it's equally important that you not only employ the proper kitchen prep tools and wooden carving boards to "get the job done", but when you serve your favorite dish to the table, the table is ready to impress as well! What do we mean by that? Tableware, and specifically wooden tableware, in the form of plates, bowls, and perhaps even a Lazy Susan or bread dipping board.

From a practical and functionality standpoint when we think of wooden tableware we naturally think of wooden plates and wooden bowls, but it is our pleasure to introduce you to another piece of tableware that could very well be sitting on your dining room table for years and years to come - the Lazy Susan. As this video with John McLeod will explain, The Vermont Bowl Company makes two styles of Lazy Susan turntables, in various sizes and wood species to match your table setting perfectly!